How can I contact your company?

PaleoGanic can be reached for comments, concerns, or suggestions by email at info@paleoganic.net. We welcome customer input!

Where can I buy PaleoGanic's soups?

PaleoGanic soups are currently sold by LifeForce Health and Wellness, Florida School of Massage, and Ward's Supermarket in Gainesville, Florida. Soups are also available for direct purchase online through our ecommerce site.

How long have you been around? What is PaleoGanic's mission?

PaleoGanic was recently founded in 2015, and is looking to change the way that society thinks about food and health by saving the world, one soup at a time.



How are your soups "immune-boosting"?  Are these soup medicine?  Do they contain pharmaceutical ingredients?

PaleoGanic soups have not been approved by the FDA as a form of medication, and do not claim to cure or treat any form of illness. PaleoGanic soups are made with only the finest natural ingredients and contain no pharmaceutical components.

How often should I consume PaleoGanic soups for optimal results?

To best support healthy immune function, two servings of PaleoGanic soups should be consumed daily.

Is it safe to eat more than the recommended serving size per day?

Yes, PaleoGanic soups are safe to be consumed in moderately larger servings.

Do I need to be vegan for best results?

No! PaleoGanic soups were made with the average consumer in mind. The soups can be eaten as a supplement in a non-vegan diet, or as a staple in a vegan diet -- the choice is yours!

Any other questions?

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